Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Some soldiers are good killers,
they love the work they do,
for to end a life is power,
and the thing they’re trained to do.
Their conscience does not hurt them,
it never holds them back,
Tis black and white all simple,
for compassion they do lack.
Such men are fierce fighters,
and are prepared to die,
they give no mercy to the foe,
And expect none in reply.
Such soldiers are true Warriors,
Who fight until they die.

~ 2 ~

Yet even men of violence,
can shed a tear or two,
For when they lose the one they love,
Compassion then breaks through.
For though these men are Warriors,
Who must kill or yet be killed,
Despite the savageness of war,
Hard hearts with love are filled,
After all they’re human,
And as they grow old you see,
They tend to grow more gentle,
and become more like you and me.
But they never lose their inner strength
For they are the roots of freedoms tree.

~ 3 ~

They fight and die for freedom,
as every soldier does,
Who believes that peace and harmony,
Is a worthwhile noble cause.
They live in filth and catastrophe,
They share holes with snakes and rats,
They brave the heat and snow and rain;
Live on meagre ration packs.
They risk their lives; they live with death,
They see their comrades killed,
That fire is fervent on their breath,
Until vengeance is fulfilled.
… And yet they have a father’s heart,
In gentleness so skilled.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Three Elks and Grey Eagle, two Vietnam Shadow Warriors