Colin F. Jones


Recruits are persuaded due to fear of the law,
To join the ranks of the soldiers being sent off to war;
They are called cowards and belittled locked in a cell,
If they choose to avoid what they consider to be Hell.
Yet the volunteer who is eager or just fears to decline,
Or who swallows the brainwash that all will be fine,
Is told he is brave and his regiment is the best,
That he’s the world’s finest soldier puffing out his chest.
He’s called a hero because his order’s he faithfully pursues,
Thinking he’s immortal; or scared shitless to refuse.
Oh yes they are hero’s who face their own fears,
Be it punishment for refusal or facing death when it nears.
But to an old veteran like me be not careless with verity,
For lack of honesty leads not to greater prosperity