Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

What with this slaughter could I compare,
You cannot understand it if you were not there,
Yet you stand there righteous condemning the men,
Who risk there very lives for the purpose of your pen.
War is killing, killing, killing not a bloody game,
And the emotions that possess them are chemically sustained.
We can always find atrocity in any killing war,
But we stand behind our own men and the enemy deplore.
Do you think we, as soldiers, never saw a child die;
That only you reveal it, though God knows bluddy why!!
Perhaps to show compassion to cover up your guilt,
Or to inflate your ego ‘round which your mind is built.
War is about survival for the soldiers who are sent,
Known only by those people who into battle went.

~ 2 ~

So you took a picture of a child, lying dead in the street,
And you flash it round the world, repeat, repeat, repeat!!
You make it look like something that is deliberately done,
That it happens every moment just to give our soldiers fun.
You publish all the movements of our soldiers when you can,
Revealing to the enemy what might well be our plan
You talk, and talk and speculate while you wait for a chance,
To find another story your journalism to advance,
You make up your stories when you do not have the facts,
Because the truth is not an issue when the media attacks.
You are murderers of our soldiers indirectly and for sure,
You are treasonable and treacherous and make money out of war.
Then you make several movies showing what heroes you all are,
Though mostly you were drinking in the safety of some bar.