Colin F. Jones


He who would defile the wondrous crest,
Of those who give in truth their very best,
Shall by his own hand cause his own demise,
And raise the others status in all fair eyes.
Some know where goodness is, thus speak no word,
While some in envy speak of the absurd.
Though through short time they wallow in delight,
Patient justice determines no respite,
For those who would another’s way retard,
With snide remark behind their false façade.
Though some do revel in inept reward,
There are great wielders of the honest sword,
Who quietly smile because they did their best,
And know inside they now have reached the crest.

I am by all accounts a solitary man,
Due not to choice but due to life’s design,
But where I am I do all that I can,
For those few folk who are true friends of mine.
In all our work there are false heroes found,
Where truer folk on whom we can depend,
Reap less reward for they make lesser sound,
And find it hard to stand up and pretend.
Not all our Generals deserve the rank they wear,
And some who did not fight are braver men,
Yet some go on and on because they care,
And some give all and don’t come back again.
But those who served and serve as you my friend,
Are special people we need not defend.

Medals all look nice and we applaud,
Those who receive them for the work they do,
They signify for most a great reward,
More humble though are the truer few.
None faced the foe who did not face themselves,
Who did not reserve a passion for a mate,
Those who know do not ring their bells,
And all good things come to those who wait.
What is sincere is not the brass and gold,
It is the pride a soldier’s heart retains,
That lives forever in his truer soul
From knowing that true comradeship remains.
Tis not our way to aid the self made fool,
Who uses others as a selfish tool.

Author’s Note: My good friend Peter (Blue) Millett, who served in Vietnam with distinction and went on to become a WO1. (Warrant Officer First Class), became the RSL President in Coffs Harbour after retirement, and was recently presented with a Centenary Medal by the Prime Minister.