Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
Anthony W. Pahl OAM
Test thee then thy friendships to the limit,
Lest in that sacred circle there is none in it.
Yes some might use thee for a personal gain,
Acquainted with, and friendship aren’t the same.
Promote not self lest self promotes your fame,
As progress caused in someone else’s name,
For the badge of honour is worn above the heart,
Wherefrom its symbol should never ere depart.
Lesser flowers mass around the rose you know,
And yellow Taraxacum there beside it grow,
But then the Rose oft is not red but yellow,
And Angels are like Devils but more mellow.
But where this observer sits the sweet bird sings,
As from the Rose the breeze true crimson brings.

~ 2 ~

About the Rose the un-mown grass is green;
The nettles hide their stings that they be seen,
Caught in the reflections of the vermillion light,
That might attract the Bumble Bee’s delight!
But now the sun must sink beyond the hills,
Night reaching out that darkness she fulfils,
And in the settling refuge of her claim,
The sleepless Rose is all alone again.
Bathed in the silver light of the ancient moon,
Around the Rose a million more roses bloom,
But a red rose in darkness, is the colour black,
The glory it perceived it now doth lack.
Tis time to sleep; to fold the petals away,
For soon enough they’ll fade in the light of day.

~ 3 ~

What more can we do than to do our best;
To seek with passion to fulfil our quest,
Surmounting doubts, pausing then going on,
Obligated by conscience; obligated to none.
Not born from dreams; born from dire need
For self stimulation yet not for greed.
Then learning more; friendships truly formed,
A family of poets; talents sincerely performed.
And this shared pain, and anger and delight,
This understanding! This love! This tenacious fight
Is given space to germinate, grow and blossom
By the ongoing passion of a sincere person.
My good friend, my mate my man of peace,
Tony Pahl may all your joys increase.

Author’s Note: On the Occasion of the Awarding of the Medal of the Order of Australia (General Division) to my friend, Anthony W. Pahl OAM on Australia Day, 26 January 2006