Colin F. Jones


While there is famine
none can dine contentedly.
While there is racism
none can stand proud,
While there is corruption
none can wait expectantly,
While voices are silent;
the gunfire is loud.
Who are the beneficiaries;
please look and behold,
Train your view on the truth
and state what you see,
Fear not your fine masters
for truth favours the bold,
Do you trust all the statements
you are constantly told.
In all the lands of the world,
People cry out,
But they are constantly put down,
As radicals who shout.
Nobody listens,
Because nobody cares,
For the damage they’ve inflicted
They avoid the repairs.
Bless thee you people,
Who must struggle to live,
While the affluent steeple,
From its stockpile won’t give.
Let the creator bless you,
You people put down;
You will one day rise up –
Gone your sad frown.
Someone said, and I quote him,
“The meek will inherit the Earth”
And I sincerely believe this,
For what it happens to be worth.