Colin F. Jones


Peter “Tibbo” Tibbetts
Peter “Tibbo” Tibbetts
When he leaves he has not left; he remains,
Living in the spirit that in leaving he sustains.
What he loses by his death he retains,
For he lives here now in all his good friends brains.

He may not know life though he knew it long,
He may not hear our sad and grieving song,
But alive in all our thoughts he’ll always be,
That through our loving eyes he can still see.

When sometimes I do think there is a God,
Tis for a soul like his, that was all good,
That I do pray has found that heavenly place,
Beyond the veil in the land of grace.

Author’s Note: In memory of Peter “Tibbo” Tibbetts, Australian Vietnam War Veteran and one of the three founders of the IWVPA Project in December 2000, the other two being Mike “Subs” Subritzky and Anthony “AussieBard” Pahl