Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 6, 2006
Awarded: October 6, 2006
For those who also died we bow,
Our heads for a minute’s peace,
For their lives were also short in time:
‘Twas but a measured lease.
There are no gravestones at their feet,
No trumpets blow for them;
They were the silent and discreet,
They were the braver men.
They lie on battlefields unknown,
In places without name,
Where rotting flesh and scattered bone,
Denies them greater fame.
But though they may not ere come home,
We’ll remember them just the same.

Author’s Note: On a one-day visit to Bien Hoa, I recall the drinking area (bar) in which we found ourselves allowed only four people to sit together at a table. Since there were five of us one had to sit by himself as there was no restriction on numbers four and under. On inquiry we were told that five was considered to be a crowd and American soldiers were not allowed to form “crowds”. No amount of pleading would change the rule, so we eventually moved into a bunker with some American friends where we had a long session consuming the liquid amber. We were eventually located by the MP’s and whizzed back to our FSPB nearby. Unfortunately I have long forgotten the names of the Americans we met, but will never forget the good time they gave us.