Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Yes I still awaken to the storm birds call in the early Spring,
And hear the Wagtail all night long when she doth choose to sing,
As morning breaks the sounds of children going off to school,
Blend in with the sounds that Roosters make in the morning cool.
I still see people going about their day chatting with delight,
And there’s still the kid that likes to run and the kid that likes to fight.
I still see friendships in full bloom and the graveyards of the dead,
And a snakeskin lying here and there that the reptiles have since shed.
I still see the sunrise in the morning, and I see it die at night,
And I still see the redness of the sky as a wonderful pleasing sight.
I could of cause choose cloudy skies as scenes for my dull view,
And choose to l dwell on the wrongs in life of the more sinful few.
But then I’d just become unloved like a winger sad and strange,
Who sees the world a lesser place because he cannot cope with change.

~ 2 ~

You know this land of tranquil peace where the Kookaburra laughs out loud,
Where the people of their heritage stand strong and brave and proud
Where freedom in it’s truest form can’t be in the world compared,
There is still love and sacrifice and hope by most folk shared.
And if we old soldiers returned from war defending this great land,
Judge our progress by our own pain distorting what is grand,
Then the message to our children sent who themselves might go to war,
May well cause them to be the same as those who went before.
Yes I still go to sea in my little boat with a bucket of bait and rod,
And I still share a picnic with my kids where the feeding cows do plod
I still delight in the life I see almost every where I go,
Because I live in a land that is still the best that living here doth show.
So blame not the country that gives you a bed, for the woes that are your own,
For with all its aches and pains and strife our great nation it has grown.