Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

God forms for you your righteous path,
But for many others it is something else.
It depends on the state of mind you have,
And how in life you became yourself.
All thoughts are true but not archetype;
Some thoughts are not learned by choice.
Some people are programmed so that hype,
Can fashion the words of their voice.
Gangsters can maintain your level of joy,
If you pay them the fee they demand,
Governments the same methods employ,
For they take money out of your hand.
Without choice we are sent off to war,
We obey though we don’t understand.

~ 2 ~

Do we trust our leaders so much,
That we would offer our lives in a war,
Having faith in their truth as such,
Or do we fear to demand to know more?
Do we fear to refuse their demands,
If so I must ask you all why,
Is it because of the thoughts in our minds,
Are learned from the first day that we cry.
How can we know unless a small seedling,
Falls from the bag in the night,
To learn from the stars unmolested,
The pathway that leads to the light.
Still the fear of punishment and law,
Would decide which wrong must be right.