Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Well they blamed it on the soldiers,
That sick pathetic war,
Caused by Communists and Catholics,
The downtrodden and the poor.
They blamed it on the soldiers
Just to get a story out;
Just to get their names in headlines,
Just to get their paper out.
They blamed it on the soldiers
And made films about themselves.
How much braver they were than soldiers
Filming children from hotels.
Yes they blamed it on the soldiers
Because the truth he never tells.

~ 2 ~

When soldiers fight their battles
They always fight to win.
The other options is to lose
or surrender and give in;
Or they can cancel any action
While the enemy re-form,
And politicians talk transaction
From dusk through to the dawn.
It is hard for soldiers to fight a battle
When the territory they have won
Is given back while pollies prattle
Over when to fire a gun.
And the journalists make money
From what they haven’t done.

~ 3 ~

We never saw a writer from a paper
Because we were always in the field.
And war was not their caper
So did not to them appeal.
Oh they stole our funny stories
When they visited with the Brass
And pasty-faced politicians,
Grinning like hyenas as they passed.
But their cameras were not on soldiers.
On how they all endured,
Just shots of hollow boulders
Who made everybody bored:
And of themselves behind the shoulders
of the brass buttons and the sword.

~ 4 ~

There was no one at the airport
When we arrived back home.
It was completely deserted
And we disembarked alone.
Even the journos did not greet us
To tell the people we were back
As we said goodbye to one another
Just a special little act.
They all vanished in the morning mist,
All and every one,
And it was quiet where I was standing;
all my yesterdays had gone/
All the sounds and all my comrades
For me the war was done.