Colin F. Jones


Soldiers are not remembered,
For most were never known,
Except by Mothers and Fathers,
And the families of their own.
Memorials are not erected,
By the people of the land,
Nor the sacred place selected,
By an eager Government hand.
Each stone inscribed was fought for,
By those soldiers who returned,
Who gave their all to build the rock,
That in war their comrades earned
Who lie in graves forgotten,
Or on the battlefield where they burned.

All soldiers are just numbers,
Drawn on a battle plan,
Expendable; replaceable,
Each and every man
They are moved around like Chess men,
And sacrificed like pawns,
They are criticized and ostracized,
No matter how they perform.
If and when they are remembered,
It is due only to the few,
Who lobby for their memory,
Of those comrades that they knew.
For soldiers are but shadows,
That leave no footprints in the dew.