Colin F. Jones


There is a time for birth and there is a time to die:
In between a time for life, a time to laugh and cry.
But there is no time for yesterdays to ruin present day,
For our sons will do as we have done no matter what we say.
The state that fills our minds with words they want us to quote
Will fill our sons with those same words wrapped in a different cloak.
And they will thank their God on high for things He did not give,
While they die in wars and battles for those they think in freedom live.
And it will always be the enemy who suffer most of all,
For they are always wrong, that for being so, do fall.
And while we mourn our loved ones who were sacrificed for good,
We’ll still hide behind our righteousness for spilling all that blood;
And still we won’t admit that it’s part of nature’s wiser way
Designed to preserve the planet by controlling all we say.