Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Tis wrong, the negative words you write
Condemning youth who know not war.
When the chips are down they will fight
Across the seas on foreign shore.
They are no different than we were
Who knew not how to kill and maim
Tis not their fault that wars occur
Nor know if they will come again.
Our fathers spoke the same of us,
Thought us weak and full of fear;
But thankfully were wrong because
We saw our duty fair and clear.
Though now some suffer that same shame
Our youth will prove us wrong again

~ 2 ~

Tis shameful that old veterans speak
Of youth as less than they once were.
For where’s the example that they seek?
Buried in a moan and curse!
Are you the man that gives them strength,
By living as a veteran should?
Or just a moaning veteran sent
To tell them they’re no good?
Your war ain’t over yet my friend,
It lives in what you do;
Your duty is to live and mend
To give youth such courage too.
So stand up tall my comrade still,
For our places they will fill.