Colin F. Jones


~1 ~

I asked not to be welcomed home, nor did I expect it:
That was all created by the masters of hype,
After ten years on the booze I learned to reject it,
Because most of it I discovered was nothing but tripe.
They made fools of us then that we felt defeated,
Elected people who fit the agendas they formed,
While I sat at a bar feeling rejected and cheated,
Caught up in the Bullshit that had not been forewarned.
We all did our duty, we all made our choices,
Although on the conscript the brainwashing was good,
Most were kids responding to patriotic voices,
Who thought only the enemy would shed of their blood.
And yet we veterans the old men who survived it,
Are still reluctant to state what is still not understood.

~ 2 ~

Who welcomed us home when we came back from Malaya,
Who welcomed us home when we left Borneo behind,
Who was there to welcome the troops home from Korea,
Where then were the funerals, so politically designed.
Do you think Vietnam was about defending America,
Defending Australia and Korea, and their way of life?
Was it not about imposing ones views over another’s;
Democracy verses communism, reducing future strife?
America is committed she’s the saviour of democracy,
She is committed to defending freedom on the globe,
She must never retreat into political hypocrisy,
For there she will wither and eventually implode
While the world in turmoil will be bloodied and plundered,
By the vultures on the sidelines with their undermining code.