Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: April 10, 2007
Awarded: April 10, 2007
It matters not if Mothers cry while their sons decay,
So long as the God of money is worshipped every day.
We marry shame to duty that honour is their child,
Guilt we hide in marble lest innocence be defiled.
Wasted lives we bury in the carnivals of hype,
And everyone is branded as a certain curious type.
Every generation is culled by tragic wars,
Fought to feed demand, for all things must be ours.
Governments serve corporations sacrificing men,
Seeking out more ink to fill the politician’s pen.
The pecuniary god we worship, always has his way,
Millions of wasted lives define what he has to say
And we, the simple puppets with our substituted cults,
Form part of the problem that, from selfishness, results.

~ 2 ~

Every soldier has a mother; sometimes a wife or two,
Sometimes he has a brother and a sister good and true.
But it seems that they don’t matter, in the scheme of things,
For to ignore them completely, more isolation brings.
Mothers own not their children, the government owns the lot,
They can treat them like a gentleman or they can have them shot
And freedom is called doing what they are told to do.
Liberty in shackles: but it serves the powerful few.
Those who do not believe it; the lies that Governments tell,
Are still sent into the battles to share in their brothers’ hell;
The soldier, the professional, who gave freedom away,
Who is bound by his own oath to do as his leaders say.
For some are trained for fighting others to protest war,
Both their views are different when both have seen the gore.

~ 3 ~

We often speak of “evil” and call our conflicts “Hell”,
For they camouflage the truth that we cannot tell.
Where on earth is Hell? What then does ‘evil’ mean?
Are these true expressions or something in between?
I saw no hell but suffered from the shame of the Vietnam War,
I saw dead folk and wounded I saw lots of blood and gore.
I guess I killed some people – that’s what soldiers tend to do,
But I saw no hell or evil; all that I saw was true.
It was people killing people human beings being real,
And everything they suffered was something they could feel.
It was not Hell they suffered it was the truth of human war;
It was doing things with ruthlessness that they claim to deplore.
No! I think that this word “evil” is a word that fits so well,
That we think we’ll go to Heaven while our foes all go to Hell.

~ 4 ~

We called communism evil and we fought the war of ice,
Politics not liking politics formed from a different vice.
The European Union are countries that waged war,
Now when you consider it you wonder what it was for.
We like to bash up people and rejoice in the power it shows,
But when they bash us back again we begin to regret our blows.
Oh it’s so great to be on top until somebody falls off the peak,
Then someone else to blame is soon the process that we seek.
When a mountain is too high the top of it will freeze,
And a man who stands so tall will never see his knees.
If with your legs you’re out of touch you will stumble and fall,
That suddenly you cannot see the mountain at all.
Tis better that the highest peak is not lost inside the clouds
For then tis all you’ll ever see, just body bags and shrouds.

~ 5 ~

We don’t refer to them as people; tis only the enemy who hate,
They are ‘evil’ savage monsters who against us participate.
Only we love our mothers our children and our wives,
They don’t care about their families nor their future lives.
So who decides this thinking for what purpose is it used?
That it is easier to kill a monster than a human to abuse?
I have seen many Asians treated, like they do not rate at all,
While making love to their woman was an accepted common call.
Soldiers freely gave their money when they wanted from them sex,
Not concerned with their feelings nor whom they caused to vex.
But the truth is never shown to those who believe the lie,
And for every single soldier a dozen innocent civilians die.
But that is the way it is when men must conquer men,
In their dauntless search for power; repeated time and time again

~ 6 ~

I can’t say it was a blunder that America went to war,
To bring down a dictatorship to heal a festering sore,
I can’t say that they were lying about the absent threat,
Though I think both accomplishments have long since been met.
The dictator gave the warning that from every corner they would fight,
And I have to say in retrospect that Saddam Hussein was right!
You cannot change a people with force of arms and men;
Tis better done with friendship and a cooperative kinder pen.
It took a mighty nation to bring the tyrant down,
Now many in that nation ware a worried sort of frown.
But there is no retreating until all the work is done,
Restoring to a peaceful state what was ruined by the gun.
There may be different ways to do it, but do it – yes we must,
By uniting in this purpose to establish discipline and trust.

~ 7 ~

Still primitive in our thoughts and still needing harsher law,
Our needs and search for freedom still leads us on to war,
We destroy all that serves us from the far flung fields and streams,
Then suffering in our sadness we relive it all in dreams.
Separated by religion, politics, and boundary lines,
We wallow in our greed; squabble at the trough like swine,
Never satisfied with moderation always seeking more and more,
Stepping over boundary lines and wasting people in our wars.
No matter what God we pray to, regardless of all we believe,
We defy the laws of nature causing the beautiful earth to grieve.
As we move towards self-destruction we shall see great nations fall,
Small nations will rise to glory, as our short history will recall.
For peace cannot be possible in a world where humans live,
For never to the other without gain will they give.

~ 8 ~

Oh well we keep on smiling and share our love with friends,
For we who suffer from ourselves on such simple things depend.
We will follow the directions of those who claim to know,
Choose our political leaders based on the dollars they can show.
For power is not the muscles along a strong mans arm,
It’s the signature of a politician that can cause you most harm.
We can enjoy our children growing up in drug-infested schools,
And dictated to by simple kids who think we are fools.
We can watch all that we have learned about ethics and pride,
Vanishing from the battlefields where our true hero’s died.
Rows and rows of crosses will be used for commercial gains,
And the medical corporations will control all your pains.
Everything we thought was true will be shown to be a lie,
And we’ll almost be thankful on the day we have to die.