Colin F. Jones


Lozen, the Apache Spirit Warrior,
Great horsewoman brave and true,
Led the fight for Chiricahua freedom,
(You remind me of someone I knew).
She rode with Victorio the chieftain
Against the white eyes the treacherous foe,
Ambushing their murderous trackers,
With the rifle the knife and the bow.
Apache magic was her true gift,
She always knew where the white eyes were,
With tingling hands she felt them coming,
As they hunted Geronimo and her,
Surrendering to another white lie.
After twenty-eight years in prison to die.

Author’s Note: Lozen was a powerful member of the Chiricahua Apache tribe. The sister of Chief Victorio, she was said to have the ability to sense with her hands how many soldiers were coming, and at what distance, by slowing turning in a circle with her hands outstretched. Never married, she was also a scout, an excellent shot, and a gifted healer.

Lozen and Geronimo
In retaliation for the Chiricahua Apaches' success at resisting imprisonment, the entire band, over 500 people, was deported from Arizona. Lozen was among the Apache ringleaders shipped by train from Fort Bowie, AZ to Fort Pickens, Florida. During a rest stop, the prisoners were allowed out for a break, where this famous photograph was taken. Lozen is in the back row, the third figure from the right. (Geronimo is in the front row, third from the right.)