Colin F. Jones


I’m oft persuaded by ones flattery of a good remark,
To step out into sunlight from the concealing shadows dark,
But I cannot dwell in sunlight for a time that’s very long,
For I know upon a pedestal I never will belong.
Oh I very much appreciate the kind words that you speak,
But I will never reach the perfection of the truth that I seek.
I will never write a stanza that is good enough for me,
For the glorious world I’d like to live in I will never see.
We do what we must for survival and in it we are caught,
Thus we seek to endure it with a fine and simple thought.
We dream of love and peace knowing war is so profound,
Praying for some reasoning that wisdom may be found.
We can only write with knowledge of the spirit deep within,
That from each end we accept the truth that again we must begin.