Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

So long as man believes not in himself,
Then will great wars reduce his health,
For while he worships different Lords,
There will be the rattle of crimson swords.
Men live together in one shire,
Yet Into separate groups they will retire:
That while food is purchased from one store,
Their separate lives will lead to war.
For they all believe their own loved God,
Is the omnipotent Lord of all Earth’s sod,
Which causes natural hues to smear,
Depleting trust and promoting fear.
For none can show their ways are right,
Thus so opposed they turn to fight.

~ 2 ~

So they kill and maim to prove their scrolls,
Claiming their Gods will guard their souls
And millions die in blood and gore,
That at war’s end it was as before.
For still those left suppressed or flawed,
Worship their version of the Lord,
Until once again they find the will,
To defend their beliefs, and kill and kill,
That the wheel keeps turning round and round,
With never a solution ever found.
For so long as we worship invisible Gods,
With our vain and selfish irks and sobs
There will always be on Earth great Wars,
Until man finds for himself his own applause.