Colin F. Jones


On Fox News I heard them complain about the young,
Saying they don’t even know who Hitler was at all,
But I ask them if they remember World War One;
Who was the German leader; do they recall?

My guess is that they will remember Saddam Husain,
Those who haven’t a clue about Vietnam and Ho Chi Min;
Those who will replace them now to be same,
Blame the young for not knowing about him.

The game is played and the money changes hands,
The reporters on the sidelines less than true,
For while our soldiers die in desert sands,
They’ll all be waiting like Hyenas in a queue.

The crows sit crowing on their favourite limbs,
While the bees are buzzing round the poppy wreaths,
In the ally the lost veteran’s memory dims,
As he loses all his cigarette butts to the thieves.

The goods are taken; the box is thrown away,
The scraps picked up by the Jackals for the sheep,
Who lack the power to raise their voice and say,
For everyone who smiles a million weep.

We all dream; just dream and hope the sun,
Rises on the morrow to greet the eye,
For someone every day will raise a gun,
That someone from that gun will surely die