Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Now all sit still and fold your arms,
Or feel the cane across your palms,
Do not speak – say not a word,
You are here to listen not to be heard.
Question not what I say,
Throw all your personal thoughts away,
Obey, obey, obey, obey,
Today, tomorrow and every day.
We’ll uniform you all the same,
Lest you think you have a different name,
We’ll even choose your God for you,
And tell you things that are not true,
So when you grow up to be old,
You’ll still do exactly as you’re told.

~ 2 ~

We do not care about your race,
Nor the colour of your coloured face,
Nor of the culture of your tribe,
You are here to learn our diatribe.
Though you are different you’re the same,
Except of course in terms of fame,
But you will do as all the rest,
And meet the rules of our conquest.
And yes you will by doing this,
Rise from the ignorance of your bliss,
To be someone you will never be,
And climb the trunk of the social tree.
And sign your names below your muse,
For if you don’t then you will lose.

~ 3 ~

When we raise the flag on high,
To draw your eyes up to the sky,
We’ll expect you all for it to die,
Without a question asking why.
And if by chance you do survive,
(By that I mean you’re still alive)
Though you are tortured by your fate,
Don’t expect your country to compensate.
We’ll call you heroes, be assured,
Spend lots of money (we can’t afford),
To highlight your victory over the foe,
Our gratitude for all to show,
But no for sacrifice we can’t pay,
We spent it all on our politicians, hey!

~ 4 ~

For you see it’s all about control,
To gather you around the central pole,
To fill your minds with humble thoughts,
Obedience to gain the fine resorts,
Held out of reach the promised prize,
If as they taught us we believe their lies.
How can you argue with what’s in your head,
You can’t deny the trough from which it fed,
It is constantly refilled every day,
For what you like to here is what they say,
The truth is justified by the lie,
That gives us the will to fight and die,
For how can we believe that we do wrong,
When we know only the words of a single song.

~ 5 ~

Blossoming and blooming the world goes around,
And deep in the woods the birds have found,
Temporary safety in the shadows and glades,
Where spears of light pepper-pot the shades,
Determined by breezes that carry the Ghosts,
That are the spirits of life our invisible hosts.
They ride on the wind and enter our hearts,
Leaving us love before they depart..
For they the brave vanquished live with us yet,
In memories of sadness filled with regret,
Who sacrificed their lives fighting for peace,
But failed in their quest for war does not cease.
Do we really care, or is it to late…
To offer our love… instead of our hate.