Colin F. Jones


Well I could not make the super-store, the park bench saved me though,
Hell I’d never walked this far before, without a push or tow,
My son comes round on Wednesdays; well he used to till he died,
And made me so unhappy that in fact I sat and cried.
So I decided to go solo to the shops this Wednesday morn,
Where he used to take me out to see the current world perform.
But it’s not the same without him and though I know he was so brave,
He’s just another soldier decaying in his grave.
I know they’ll come to get me because they think I’m off my brain,
And take me back to where I was till I break out again.
He was my only son you see, my dear wife’s only boy,
And I like to think I’m with him when I go off to the store,
I’m talking to him now you know out here in the park,
But I’m wondering why I seem to be, alone here in the dark.