Colin F. Jones


We do not practice what we preach, our God is just a sham,
We’ve taken him to the Iraq war as we did in Vietnam
We change the meaning of his words to suit the things we do,
While killing men who think the word of god is very true.
Onward Christian soldiers let us hold our banners high,
For it does not matter who they are as long as they all die.
Onward Christian soldiers, we shall scour the Earth for thee,
For only we who serve you can be bountiful and free.
We shall bring down the dictator and another one install,
Then at least we may have oil so that we can waste it all.
Let us bully them and baffle them and praise the right to lie,
As our satellites look down on us from your big-brother sky.
Your commandments, no longer useful, have been stricken from our law,
For if practiced as they were written, they would have denied us our war.