Colin F. Jones


It is the nature of man to believe,
What he would not otherwise perceive,
When you engrave it into his skull,
Before his brain is halfway full,
Before he has the choice to speak,
And his own destination to seek.
It is the nature of man to deceive
And give less than he might receive:
To kill and defend his seed,
Lest his neighbour decides to breed.
It is the nature of some to follow,
Those whose nature it is to lead,
And his desires to humbly swallow,
When fear decides his creed.

When they cut off that American’s head,
I thought it mattered what they believed,
And all those butchered and lying dead,
Did it matter when their belief was achieved.
Sometimes I wonder at the popular word,
That sounds so right in its narrow place,
But I can’t swallow a pill so absurd,
Where of wisdom there isn’t a trace.
It is frightening when you believe in a lie;
It is more frightening to believe it is true,
Though it causes millions of people to die,
Though it causes so much anguish and rue.
No it is not the nature of man to believe,
That’s why there is chaos and reason to grieve.