Colin F. Jones

(The Australian Task Force Base in Vietnam)

In Nui Dat on duty, as NCO of the guard,
I had to go below SAS Hill without a bodyguard,
To open up the main gates blocking off the road,
A simple task so I thought so off I quickly strode
You push up daisies if you fail to have a proper dekko,
Out there where the nogs might hide as camoed as a gecko,
You’ve gotta have a screw loose to think it all a lark,
Even though the sun is up and it’s no longer dark.
The steel gate stood tall and strong wrapped in lots of wire,
As I approached, distinctly clad, in my sweat soaked green attire.
I carefully took a gander at all the land around,
And cocked my lug hole to the wind but didn’t hear a sound
So I bent down, and pulled the wire, away to reach the lock,
But as I did a flare went off! And I froze in bloody shock!!
Hooly-dooly was I scared, thought I’d be clobbered then for sure,
It don’t take much to change your pose nor constipation cure,
But no rattle came, no holes appeared to let my blood flow out,
And I knew those bludgers on the hill knew what it was about
I opened the gate and cleared the way then marched back up the hill,
Nonchalant without a care, but feeling bloody ill…