Colin F. Jones


To make a judgment is to divide,
Biased views cause some to hide,
What to you is true, is just your view,
For your tutor may have lied.
What makes right the words we say,
Must it always be our way
For what we believe, we must perceive,
Brightens not another’s day.
For it is not ourselves we see,
If we are not from our biases free,
To blame the other, is a way to smother,
The link twixt you and me.
We should not think the way we do,
When we decide what might be true,
By the others thoughts, we must be taught,
To understand a different view.
Perhaps the prejudice we blame them for
Might be the sign upon our door,
One who does not doubt, has not been out,
To sail to a foreign shore.
So let not arrogance decide belief,
Nor ignorance be the thief
That takes away what we need to say,
To avoid future war and grief.
Listen, learn and do not guess,
Your enemies you must bless,
That these good trends, secure new friends
Leaving nothing to confess.
For when the slide begins,
It will be due to our own sins
Great nations fall when they desire it all,
For the loser always wins.