Colin F. Jones


No more do seas keep a foe at bay,
That we must strike beyond our borders far,
Lest our homes be swallowed by the fray,
Our soldiers must be sent to where they are.
While from within in treason some unite,
To undermine the purpose of the war,
Condemning those who bravely take the fight,
To those whom would our peaceful ways ignore.
We must not submit to whom would see us fall,
Those within who seek to change our way,
For they respond to the enemies bugle call,
With treachery and treason leading to dismay.
Hard won Freedom is even harder to defend,
That we upon our soldiers must depend.

This poem prompted the response, “War Mongers Lament” – ©Copyright September 8, 2011 by Roger Liebmann, and “Strike Back” – ©Copyright September 8, 2011 by Shelley Timberlake