Colin F. Jones


I think I was a coward
In the war that I was in
‘Cause I wasn’t really average
And was pretty small and thin
The other blokes were heroes
With their guns and cammo clothes
Well at least they looked the part
As everybody knows
Me I was just a clerical
Sat on my bum all day
But they still gave me medals
To take home from the fray
I was really scared to be there
The sound of guns and tanks
And I got the name of pogo
And never any thanks
Well they didn’t have to worry
About their pay and things
Nor write the lists of casualties
And count the wedding rings
They did not have to worry
For I was always there
Praying for their safety
And taking every care
Just thought I’d make mention
That yes I was there too
Learnt to stand to attention
Just like the rest of you
In fact when Noggy hit us
I was sitting in my chair
When they tried to find me,
Well, I just wasn’t there.
But I made it home for Christmas
Put in a quiet grave
No fuss for this clerical
‘Cause I wasn’t very brave.