Colin F. Jones

(A Discussion)

1 – First Observer

Make thee thy quest contemptible; it will reap as such,
For glory is immeasurable that the foolish hand doth clutch.
Your fields will have no pasture and the iron gate you gild,
Will ever be a monument to those good folk you killed.
Yet history may mark thee better; as a great and noble man,
Who saw things that would happen, long before they began.
For no person can see further than he high upon the hill,
Who knows in his heart and soul, what he is destined to fulfil.
We who are the servants of political masters and of the law,
Can only be the servants and the soldiers who train for war.
We do not have the knowledge and we never have the facts,
For in much of what we read and hear the truth often lacks.
History speaks of Popes and Presidents made prominent by war,
But it does not speak of the misery that neither of them saw.

2 – Second Observer

Ah! But the misery is the punishment of those the chosen few,
Who pray to a God for mercy as slaves to such propaganda, do.
They are raised these manacled masses, to obey and not offend,
To believe all the sacred promises that their God does not send.
They are slaves to the freedom, they think they have, but don’t,
Carefully moulded into the servants they could avoid, but won’t.
They are mesmerized by money: by their own selfish greed,
Believing their own propaganda on which they constantly feed.
They go off to war with eagerness pumped up on counterfeit power;
Cheering for the victories until it all breaks down and goes sour.
Tis soon they are complaining pointing fingers at themselves,
For the errors made by leaders in their own conscience dwells.
So round and round the fulcrum, time’s unbroken wheel turns,
Repetitious and perpetual unconcerned with our concerns.

3 – First Observer

Then do we start a revolution; force our own ideas to power,
Or just retain our falser thoughts while pretending not to cower.
Would we not be just conforming to the pendulum of time,
Back and forth just swinging like a much-repeated rhyme?
Are we not the foolish victims of our own desires and hope,
Inventing our own problems for we require the stress to cope?
Is peace really what we are seeking and on whose frail terms,
Or are we puppets made to argue and just here taking turns.
The more that peace continues the more we demand,
More laws are introduced and more cities eat up the land,
That we become like Lemmings frustrated with our wealth,
Seeking miracles and supermen to cure our own made ill health.
Yes round and round the wheel turns as it has always done,
That at every end it’s only time that, all the wars, has won.

4 – Second Observer

Well it does seem that our riches, produce more disease,
In both those who neglect God; those who pray on their knees,
You would not have a road death if we did not have roads,
But then we would tire of walking and carrying heavy loads.
Yet while we invent technology we still have the need to pee,
Without those eyes we were born with it would be difficult to see.
If our teachers did not teach us what their teachers taught them
We still would not be writing with our ink and ballpoint pen.
What of God would we know if someone had not fed our brain,
When we were too young to resist before we knew our own name.
We don’t know where life came from but we like to think we do,
And we make up many stories that we know are not true.
We cannot face reality; that we are of nature just a part,
That is the engine of our structure; the lubrication for our heart.

5 – First Observer

Well Mother nature, as I call her, with her water and her air,
Seems more or less accepted as being everywhere.
Those smart folk who have insight know one day she will die,
That is why they are inventing rockets pointed at the sky.
They know we will destroy this planet so try to find another place,
For they find time in its wisdom is etched on Mother Nature’s face.
We are just servants of ignorance, as we battle to survive
Among the millions of other things that want to stay alive.
Perhaps we might be winning as we keep culling our own flocks,
Though we still retain the power to change the numbers on our clocks.
It has never been in the nature of the living things on earth,
To challenge deaths involvement for death fertilizes birth,
Except by those who fear it; those who look for temporary fame,
But it will happen over and over as the pendulum swings again.

6 – Second Observer

So there will always be dictators and Presidents as well,
And people fighting wars and likening it to Hell.
There will always be religions all based on different thought
According to the brainwashed by whom they were taught.
Because our only natural enemy apart from some foul decease,
Are those we stand to attention then stand them at ease.
Those dressed up in uniforms to make them look the same,
Who answer to the numbers attached to their name.
Those who are sent to battle for the good of realm and peace,
Just numbers armed with weapons fighting for the Golden Fleece.
All patriotic and indoctrinated in the reasons for the war,
That turns them back into the animals they never thought they were.
Thus the wheel has tuned full circle restoring faith and hope,
As we struggle on with all our strife with which we somehow cope.

7 – First Observer

A soldier is a killer; yes he is trained to kill,
At first he is reluctant then does it with a will.
He is not the boy next door as he used to be,
He is a robot called a warrior though some may not agree.
While he serves in battle he does as he is told,
Dies almost for nothing, just a patch of ground to hold
So isolated from his normal world he needs his friends around,
And they become his reason; his objections to confound.
They are all in it together subject to military law,
All afraid to disobey – to turn themselves away from war.
But what of this robot soldier – are there not two of them:
He who makes it his profession who would not his role condemn.
The other is the conscript who is taken from his home,
Given uniform and rifle and trained as the others clone.

8 – Second Observer

Well there is certainly a difference one has made a choice,
The other is a subject who does not have a voice.
Who has much less training but enough to kill and die,
And forever will be asking for a better reason why.
The first is doing his duty as he has volunteered to do,
While the other is always waiting for when his time is due.
He is the reluctant soldier better educated than his friend,
Who will seek out compensation when his un-chosen role doth end.
Who will instigate reunions or will forget and stay away,
Like the old hands and the bodies of those who from the war decay.
Due to the conscript they’ll be remembered soldiers one and all,
Though not many volunteered to respond to duties call,
The professional is forgotten when he goes off to war,
An example being Korea they were forgotten from there for sure.

9 – First Observer

When they all die, where do you think they eventually go,
And is there a heaven somewhere for those we call the foe.
Are they still young as we grow old – young when we die:
The same as we remember them when they were still alive.
Is death a hurt? Do they feel pain in their vanquished state,
Or is the pain just ours to feel: just for the living to relate.
Is there another place for them to grow to be old and grey,
For none ever come back home again when they are blown away.
We like to think there is a place for those departed few,
Though it might be for our own sakes that we remember them so true
By death they are swallowed up for our bodies are so frail,
We shatter when a missile hits and in agony we wail.
Yet what is death it makes no sense except to cull the herds,
Or keep the priests in a job and to feed the scavenger birds.

10 – Second Observer

Death: a word that creates argument is just another word
That is not precise or clear and is ambiguous and absurd.
Birth is the opening of a petal from an already formed seed,
Death is the closing of the seed from whence the petals breed.
None existence is not death which is the act of being dead,
None existence is the absence of all life ere it has fled
Death is then an action while non existence is the state,
Of being non-existent to which death cannot relate.
The brain cannot calculate being non-existent,
Because the brain is non-existent thus no thought can it claim.
We cannot think of non existence prior to our seed producing birth,
Giving us life as we know it on this rather complex earth,
We do not know where we come from nor to where we go,
For in either place we don’t exist so it is impossible to know.

11 – First Observer

But we will all reform somewhere of that I have no doubt,
As what, I must still ponder with a brain or without.
We may wake up as elephants in a planetary zoo,
But I doubt my friend that I will be again meeting you.
From somewhere comes the living seed be it from a God,
Who has a knack for making stuff out of dust and sod.
The universe is so massive it defies our thoughts to know
What its beginnings were: where else in its space we’ll go.
We are so small and petty just particles of dust it seems,
Thinking our importance is as those visualized in dreams.
Yet the things that are important are the basic things we see,
The sun the moon the air waves clear water and the sea.
We need the weather patterns to help us stay alive,
And death’s decay is essential if our species is to survive

12 – Second Observer

We must raise our armies beneath our flags; ready them for war,
Though it disrupts our lazy ways that the affluent will deplore.
We must fight to control the markets for the water in the lakes,
To prevent our people starving we must do whatever it takes.
We must control the gas and oil that we use to drive our cars,
That we can share in freedom our theatres and our bars.
It is such, the design of nature, that for survival we must fight,
There will always be a daytime and always be a night.
We must retain the power to bring eventual peace on Earth,
The power of destruction, tis the only power of any worth.
We must be feared and respected we cannot survive on love,
Nor on beliefs and promises for the Eagle creates the dove.
For it is really God’s way; how He made it to be:
Remember the Tower of Babel, why can’t you disbelievers see.

13 – First Observer

Is not the volcano more powerful than a nuclear bomb,
Do we have some green protestors; step forward every one.
The earth is ever changing from the disruption of these quakes,
Thousands die because of them; tis not from mans mistakes.
Rivers flood and spoil land wild fires rage and burn,
Snow drifts and violent storms cause much damage and concern.
These are the things of nature but why do they protest,
Was nature designed for toxic waste and nuclear tests.
Is famine really natural or is it caused by greed and war,
Condoned by dictatorial masters who want to establish their own law.
This discussion has become an argument for we both have a view
You’ve not convinced me to alter nor have I altered yours in you.
So what would be the purpose to extend this discussion more,
I will stand and protest while you wage tomorrow’s war.

14 – Second Observer

Well you could start a revolution; perhaps a military coup
To unseat the present government, replace the president with you.
You may have to kill and slaughter all those who resist,
Shoot them dead those left over few who will certainly persist.
You would have to change the law making all your wrongs right,
Be prepared for civil war that you may have to fight.
Democracy would be shattered but the police force would be yours,
You could burn the books that did not favour any part of your cause.
You could become the Dictator that you thought I was you see,
But by then you’ll know the difference between yourself and me.
Did you think it would be easy withdrawing all our troops,
Bowing to the enemy as they infiltrate your groups.
Now they think they’ve won a victory they will certainly be brave,
What are you going to do now that innocent lives you cannot save.

15 – First Observer

But I would not start a revolution; goodness me I’d be afraid,
It is one thing to have an opinion quite another to masquerade.
I can shout out here in safety protected by our good law,
Protesting in the safety of the freedom I would restore.
For the laws you have implemented keep not the foe away,
But are now so threatening we have to be careful what we say.
I am not of your political persuasion I don’t want you to lead,
I want the opposition party to get up and succeed.
But the people who have voted chose you instead of them,
So everything you say and do, I am bound to condemn.
I think the majority of the people are fundamentally wrong,
That they do not understand that they should be singing my song.
So I will protest with dissent until you end the war,
Bring our soldiers home and to their families restore.

16 – Second Observer

Your words are contradictions, your signpost points both ways,
You talk of sharing freedom; then in the next breath it decays.
Your reasons are not valid for we would still have gone to war,
Had the leader of your choice been elected, and what for;
Because we both know the consequences of running away,
Though there may have been variations; things done a different way.
But none can be certain of getting every program right;
It is easy in retrospect for the critic to express his spite.
We always pursue democracy to give people the choice,
To speak out as you have with a clear and honest voice.
But now we are at war then we must alter a few rules,
Designed to allow our technical people to operate their tools.
For the enemy is lurking in our city streets and stores
So we need to have the power to open many doors.

17 – First Observer

Let us change the subject: what are terrorists to you,
Or is our war one of religion that for another reason grew.
Or does it matter not what purpose we seek to kill the foe,
So long as we are killing people we don’t want to know.
Why do these people hate us in the first place anyway,
Is it because we want their oil or for things we have to say.
Is it because we try to change them to think the way we do,
Because our God demands of us that we spread what is true.
Is it about religion about the cruelty of their ill ways,
About the long, long traditions of the crusading days?
Revenge for the terrorist attacks or the ongoing religious war
That has been going on through history it seems forever more.

18 – Second Observer

Yes I think there is some truth in some of the things you suggest,
A combination of reasons that in a single purpose do invest.
The division of religion is not at least the basic flaw;
It is the original sound reason for nations to instigate a war.
But always combined with egos of ambitious leaders seeking fame,
And the need for more provisions, more wealth to obtain.
There is also the strategic positioning of the tentacles reaching out,
A wedge to mark a fortress from which to occupy and scout.
But it is hard to convince the people that for peace we have to bleed,
That to live our lives in freedom against all odd we must succeed.
Our greatest strength is our weakness that we are fair to all mankind,
For it’s easy to take advantage of a people so well defined.
Who offer hope and liberty to all who wish to live in peace,
But living in our nation means that the internal enemy will increase.

19 – First Observer

We have always been divided even fragmented as well,
In religion and in politics; who believes in heaven and hell.
We have left wing, we have right wing, middle people too,
Which balances democracy though this may not always be true.
Religion causes differences in attitudes and belief;
Priests have their politics, which leads eventually to grief.
There is no test for those who seemingly are beyond the law,
Who hide behind the doctrines we don’t live by of any more.
We have experts by the dozen crawling from the misty past,
Set up with media money to support the view that is cast,
All the news papers are biased and the television reporters too,
Who will do anything for a story or make one up that isn’t true.
They seek out the worst scenario a tiny fraction of the war,
That on the screen it’s made to look like a great deal more

20 – Second Observer

We are not really divided; though we all have different views,
And we have certain restrictions on the reporting of the news,
We have reporters with our soldiers whom we could not ever trust,
So to implement some regulations is in wartime a must.
We all share one belief, though to many churches we may go,
And national pride comes to the fore when it’s needed you know.
But there are some dissenters, and they try to cause debate;
Always looking to demean always seeking out the hate.
They never favour what we are doing even when they do agree,
For they are cowards in their treason; only their views do they see.
They never give encouragement lest it’s to praise their own name,
And they like to fob their errors off, find someone else to blame.
Distinctive with their noses browned by their back door events,
They wallow in the world of sham with their righteous complements.

21 – First Observer

How can you call it treason when a free man states his view,
And dissent is just the method lest it not be heard by you?
There is nothing I can utter that your enemies do not know,
For your intentions and your targets are for all of us on show.
Sure we have to sift through untruths decipher them from facts,
And try to present a picture depicting all your acts,
For we judge you on your actions not on the words you say,
Where there seems to be a conflict; I might mention if I may.
You claim we seek the terrorists; that it is justice for the war,
Yet from the chaos you have started, peace you fail to restore.
You do not understand the people you claim you wish to save;
Who are dying in the streets that are valiant and brave.
Why is it, our young soldiers are fighting those folk we support?
There are lots of these incidents that the journalists report.

22 – Second Observer

You know we can’t reveal the things you use for your juggling act,
By that truth alone your speculations are assumptions thus not fact.
What you utter is encouragement; sympathy for the foe,
In time of war, that’s treason, as you of course do know.
Our intentions have been stated; we can’t make you believe,
What you would rather use politically the people to deceive.
Your journalists have reported that there is a civil war,
But their views are all distorted their inaccuracy I deplore.
Of course folk are dying this is a battleground you know,
Where we must defeat the terrorist; strike a massive blow.
This is the proving ground; where in the future it will be,
Known as the war that defeated terrorism to keep our people free.
History will tell the story that right is always right,
That we who keep the peace must have great military might.