Colin F. Jones


It’s popular to have demons so why not invent a few;
It helps for folk to think it was Hell that one went through.
Why set ‘em right by saying, “well no sir it was fun”,
“I enjoyed the high elation that comes from firing a gun”
In a world of hype and lies, the more torment that you claim,
Will bring monetary reward, might even bring you fame.
It’s good for the nation’s soul to think their soldiers brave,
Who fought for God and country; the sacrificial slaves.
Though only one in four actually fired an angry shot,
It’s best to claim all soldiers earned the demons they have got.
For who would dare oppose them, when they claim it true,
All their failings are down to the torments they are living through.
Our comrades died for nothing if we choose to live the lie
Because if no one fired a shot at you, that’s why you did not die.

This poem inspired the response, “I Did Not Die” – ©Copyright August 9, 2007 by Christina A. Sharik