Colin F. Jones


They praise flag and God that a system they sustain,
there is behind their thoughts a common thread,
the powers that be has stitched inside their heads.
As children every day they are taught the songs,
Repetitive anthems that depict where one belongs,
from the cradle God's are implemented thoughts,
That they become the result of what is taught.
All little screws and bolts in the great machine,
Constructed by suggestion that is not seen.
For its success corruption forms the trail,
Thus in tending its own wounds it cannot fail,
Though inside the glorious egg, the yolks foul smell
sometimes leaks out when we crack the shell.

They reject religion yet still they praise the God,
That religions' teachers shaped inside their minds,
For teachers are corrupt and decay in sod,
But what they taught to the brains functionality binds.
So they accept the parts that appeal to them the most,
Rejecting things that are obstacles to their way,
And even then of their true faith they boast,
ignoring the rules they do not like, to pray.
There lies the hypocrisy of their arrogant claim,
Still servants of the ever changing lie
For the rule of truth they never can sustain,
For they will choose to live when they ought to die.
For he who turns his cheek blessed be his name,
While those who don't still live to suffer shame.

It is no sacrifice when reluctantly we die,
No sacrifice when a bullet blocks the way.
We thought the bullet would go flashing by,
Instead in darkness it suddenly ends the day.
“The ultimate sacrifice” oh, how often this is said,
When a soldier is killed fighting in the field,
He made no sacrifice; for reluctantly he lies dead,
From defending what he possessed and would not yield.
This is not sacrifice this is being killed in war,
Doing the job that he is trained to do,
Kill or be killed for a soldier there is no more,
that all who were in combat know is true.
Fancy words don't dull the stench of gore,
Nor resurrect the lives of the noble few.