Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

I stand here beat and battered,
But as a man I stand,
‘Cause as a man it matters,
If I is seen as something grand.
I don’t hate them fools who taunt us
Though there’s lots of hate in them,
I just trust in God and brotherhood,
Knowing Liberty will win.
You can’t change these folk by fighting,
‘Cause it’s courage they demand,
They’ll come to know their defects,
When you refuse to raise your hand,
And subdued by your divineness,
Begin to understand.

~ 2 ~

Some died and suffered dearly,
That we folks could go on,
That we folks could with courage,
Do what they might have done.
You wanna call me nigger?
You wanna show me hate?
You wanna call me wog and spic?
Insult me and my mate?
Then here I gives permission,
To belt us with your lash,
But it’s your own decision,
To conduct yourselves as trash…
For such cowardly work in living time,
Makes such a little splash.

~ 3 ~

Oh I’ve been up to London,
Seen all the skinheads there,
Singers and to Israel,
Where there’s Jews most everywhere,
I laid up with Malaysians,
Got me some Kampong knees,
camped on the Thailand border,
caught mossies and disease.
Patrolled Malacca’s beaches,
The Cameron Highlands bush
Shot blowpipes with the Indians,
And supported President Bush.
But now it’s time for me to say,
Well hush, well hush, well hush!