Colin F. Jones


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 31, 2009
Awarded: October 31, 2009
~ 1 ~

Take a young man and revert him to the primitive,
Which civilisation holds mostly in check.
Provide him with an escape from the conservative;
Give him reason to rage and to wreck.
Let us train him to be a good killer,
Send him off to serve in a war
Loosen the leash that normally restrains him,
Unlock the fundamental instinctive door.
Then when it becomes his custom and habit,
Without rumination, establishing his part,
Let us punish him for his willingness to do it,
When in civil life love is lost from his heart.
In judgement of his crimes let us sit,
And condemn him for what he was taught.

~ 2 ~

Violence is manifest in the conduct of the male,
Such primitive habits are nurtured by war,
As a soldier in this role he won’t fail,
But as a civilian it is something to deplore.
On the battlefield man reverts easily to the archaic,
His desire for excitement and adventure is met,
He knows the game and how to play it,
And remains violent after becoming a vet.
The primitive nature of man will prevail,
In some who were subject to horror and gore.
It’s a natural ingredient in the primitive male,
Who has been released from his cage by war.
Taught to kill by the preachers of peace,
Who lie and manipulate the law.

This poem prompted the submission of a previously written poem, “Under
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