Colin F. Jones


To say we fight for God is rubbish
We do not fight for God at all
We fight because we want to,
Because when killing we have a ball
We murder from the shadows,
The Brits as they drive by,
And we don’t care if there are others,
When our bombs cause them to die
Satan is our true master,
Certainly not the heavenly God,
For green though be our outfits,
They are washed in others blood,
Who lie murdered and are rotting
Beneath the Irish sod.

Good men don’t condone killing
Just to call some land their own,
For there are better ways to claim it
Than wasting blood and bone.
Good men don’t use God to justify
Spreading terror and death and grief,
For it simply means it nullifies
The essence of their belief.
Good men there are but evil,
Resides in terrorists and Hell,
Who are stealthy like the weevil,
And as low as them as well.
And they only deny retrieval,
Of the lands where they might dwell.

A response to the poem/song “Battle Cry for the Underground” ©Copyright November 2008 by Alan L. Winters