Colin F. Jones


Well I searched, for his heart, and finally I found it,
Now I search for his grave, in the jungle overseas,
I was warmed by his loving, but now I have lost it,
And now I am crying, and I’m cold enough to freeze.
He was young, he was handsome, he fathered my li’l baby,
Then he joined up in the Army, and off he went to war.
I waited with his daughter, who was quite a little lady,
But a telegram it told me, that I’d not see him anymore.
So I bought us both a ticket, for I had to go and find him,
And we went across to Asia, to find his lonely grave,
And we will keep on searching, though it takes forever,
For I still love the soldier, who went away so brave.
When our search is over, and we find where he is buried,
And we’ve thanked the Lord for leading us to him,
We will go back home together, me and the man I married,
With our daughter and the memory of the way we used to live.