Colin F. Jones


Sometimes friends desert you,
But they never were true friends,
But first they try to hurt you,
For their joy on you depends.
For if they lose an argument,
Or just a good debate,
What you thought was friendship,
Turns suddenly to hate.
It’s sad, because you love them,
As much now as before,
But they wanted just to rule you,
To stand above you high and tall.
Yet still, you hope that someday,
They reward you with a call.

I once knew a fellow poet,
As a soldier and a friend,
But he chose ill will and from it,
Decided to offend.
He called me names and ventured,
Into a world of rage and lies,
A low and hateful vengeance,
Against me whom he despised.
He has never found the courage,
To admit that he was wrong,
For he eats only his own porridge
And sings only his own song;
Which inspires me just to pity,
A weak man I thought was strong.