Colin F. Jones


To view humanity as fixed and accomplished, would be a pernicious view indeed; to conclude that it is repetitious and a greater generalization of itself even more so.

All things must perish in order to accomplish a new phase of energetic change towards greater prosperity. It is not imitation. It is not renewal; it is an ongoing fruitful process of spontaneous progressive activity, responding to requirement.

Like a small plant in the Jungle beneath a complex canopy, humanity must continually grow towards the light. That the beliefs of old gradually fall away, like restricting branches, allowing humanity to reach up with a stronger and wiser will towards eventual freedom.

We will believe in the wars we attend, but from them we will learn, as soldiers learn, that they fight for one another. Not for States, Churches and Flags, but for themselves; for the survival of humanity, for the evolution of mankind. From the sacrifices of soldiers will come our wiser teachers. New flowers will grow from the wastes of battle fields.

We are still primitive. We are still discovering ourselves. We are still divided by culture and superstition. Yet we are all the same altered only by our tutors, who are themselves changing due to the progress of the developing mind due to tolerance, and willingness to share – and to love; all developments from the lessons learned from our past activities.

We will win the Great War. We have the ability. We have the will. We have the wisdom to trust, the desire to love and one day we will have the faith in ourselves to unite within and without – to become known truly as Earthlings.