Colin F. Jones


Every day we compete with thousands of other animals, insects, and viruses to survive. Though it seems we are winning, due to the good devises of our researchers, doctors and Government concerns, lives are prolonged by those who visit and encourage our wounded and downhearted to fight on, and set examples for the rest of society.

We are not all brave nor do we necessarily have the courage to overcome fear and pain. But if inspired and encouraged enough we are able to find those reserves (that we discovered during military training for war) we need to at least concentrate our good thoughts on others in that we encourage their will to survive.

I think perhaps more than anyone else in society Veteran Soldiers are in the position to encourage this strength of purpose, this belief in life, this determined positiveness to survive, because they have experienced that which threatens to destroy hope by replacing it with negativity, bitterness and self sorrow.

Soldiers are servants of the nation and their pledge does not end because some folk chose in the confusion of confusing times to lose faith in their Government and soldiers.

We live in a new century. Our days as soldiers are over but our days of service to the nation and community are still valuably required. Let us be positive of the knowledge that without our service those many years ago, perhaps many of these advances would not have been possible, but also remember our negativity is a weapon of the foe, and is never a basis from which our children will gain strength and positive resolve.