Colin F. Jones


Some blokes did not serve in Vietnam,
And strangely it is true,
They get jealous of those who did,
It seems to make them blue.
A true soldier likes to go to war,
Lest his training goes to waste,
Though he may not like what he saw,
When the truth of it he faced.
The jealous ones will spit on you,
Call you names then run away,
Because they know, there are those who,
Have done the things they say;
Proud men who are straight and true,
Who would do it all again.

Some like to pose as better than
The rest of us you know;
But when challenged with the real truth,
Another side of them they show.
‘Tis only self they think about,
And what from life serves self gain,
They like to kick folk when they’re down,
Fair reputations they defame.
But sometimes someone stands their ground,
Looks straight into their eye,
Meets them head on pound for pound,
To watch their ego burn up and die.
For all you need to do is speak the truth,
And it will always defeat the lie.