Colin F. Jones

My Tribute to America

Colin F. Jones: September 11 ~ My Tribute to America
Yesterday at Sea: Received: September 13, 2003 from CO DOYLE

Forwarding as an FYI
Hello all.

This morning I witnessed another classy and emotional presentation by the German Navy. The FGS NIEDERSACHSEN (F208) who is part of our NATO battle group called us this morning at 8am and asked if they could pass close to Starboard. What we didn’t know was that they had their whole crew topside in dress blues rendering honors to the United States for Sept 11th. From their main mast they flew our flag and they held their covers over their hearts. Needless to say, the whole crew was choked up and a few tears formed in our eyes. Both ships stayed next to each other in silence for about 5 minutes. These are the days that remind me why I joined the Navy.

September 1: New York

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: September 15, 2003
Awarded: September 15, 2003
The dead heart of New York
Still simmers and smokes
But her soul is safe and sound
She turns like a wheel
With Golden spokes
Her destiny is profound

All the streets are filled
With multiracial folks
Where the monarch of freedom was crowned
Where the resilient reveal
With humorous jokes
American courage renowned
When New York cried

The face of the World
Was drenched with her terrible tears
For many people had died
By the terrorists’ sword
That would affect the great City for years
But how proud they survived

The young and the old
Overcoming the terrorist fears
For the cities true soul
Was purer than Gold
In the nation the world reveres

September 2: City of Tears

Twin Towers of Freedom,
Rubble in the street
Of the city of tears
That weeps not in defeat
Victim of the vile
The mind incomplete
A tangled twisted pile
Of Terrorist elite
Evil cannot win here
For the power of the great
Holding freedom dear
Will measure out its fate

September 3: From the Ashes

The tyrant with his evil scheme,
Realizes not distorted dream,
Where it relies on toxic sod,
Therein to bury love of God.
To know no evil is to be,
Without the knowledge of the free,
For of sweet love the evil starved,
Have hate within their bosoms carved.
They tempted Christ with null effect,
For all their hate he did reject,
And now with love attacked by hate,
We stand together strong and straight
For from the ashes of our woe,
Love grows much stronger than the foe.

September 4: Fear Not

Fear not, my friends, those who threaten you
For by their threat they show their own deep fear
Fear not the heartless for they are few
All those with souls stand beside you here
See the helpless baby there now crying
Little feet and slobbering everywhere
Such birth denies all thoughts of dying
And turns our loving eyes with tender care
Upon tomorrows baby that we nurture
With all our great faith and fellowship of man
Ensuring that the sun will shine in future
Built on the memories from which this love began
Fear not! Fear not! For there comes a morrow
When we will all together shed our sorrow

September 5: America 2001

From the darkness comes new light,
From the rubble lasting cries,
Prayers that germinate from night
As terror and the turmoil dies.
And they stand firm as families do
Heads held high above the smoke
In heart and soul forever true
For these are great resilient folk
God will keep them; serve their needs
Accept the souls of those who died
For evil in this nation breeds
A greater deeper lasting pride
God bless America, yes we sing,
For God on Earth made everything.

September 6: Do Not Weep

Do not weep for every teardrop shed
Leaves a stain that will forever last
A joyous thought in the Devil’s head
In the hearts of Terrorists amassed
Take from darkness every glimpse of light
Light a candle lest we should forget
Stand up tall with a renewed might
For freedom is not defeated yet
Share your hearts your minds and souls
Pray for those who lost their lives today
Whose parts lie in the livid burning coals
Yes for them the victims let us pray…
Remember while you pray that it is true
That God made all the Terrorists too

September 7: Fly the Flag

Fly the flag sir, ‘til the day doth come
When tears and blood have washed terror from the Earth
‘Til that day sir, when all the killing done
Describes what freedoms values are really worth.
Fly your flag sir, in the free wind watch it clap
Applaud the men and women of the land
Who turned from sorrow into freedom’s lap
And sacrificed their lives for something grand
Stand up tall ‘mid the ruins of your birth
From where germinates a host of united souls
Where good folk discovered the Evil on this Earth
Yet with faith and tears put out the Devil’s coals.
Ere savour this all sweet freedom’s foes
You waste your hate, for a free world from it grows

September 8: Freedoms Lost

Our own law and our belief in freedom
Is oft the enemy within.
For this is what our enemies feed on,
Our diversion in avoiding sin.
How free can freedom be to sustain it?
How many lies can the media tell?
How many crimes committed will retain it?
How many people’s lives will end in hell?
‘Tis now the time that rights be rejected
That freedoms lost are for Freedom’s gain.
That all those folk by this change effected
Share their anguish and their common pain
Stand together, solid and protected,
That by your actions freedom is retained.

September 9: Golden Eagle

Soar then through the wide blue heavens
Proud bird with wings wide spread
Swoop down through the torrid havens
Until the foe is dead
Cast thy giant shadow wide
Seek out the evil prey
And glide the heavens with great pride
For ‘tis your vengeful day
In the cloves of the mountains
O’er the vast wide open plains
Through the damp and tepid marshes
Where thy freedom ever reigns
Great bird, though through a cloud filled sky,
Will thee, with great freedom, always fly.

September 10: Lesser Rhyme
(When one fails to adequately express one’s thoughts)

Twin Towers of freedom came tumbling down
into the streets of the city of tears
Where thousands of people from countries renown
Died to the Terrorists cheers
Dead in the rubble were bodies of people
From where a new freedom was born
For out of the dust another great steeple
Rose proudly into a new dawn
Across the wide land where fear had scattered
The shadow of anger was spread
But the people attended to those things that mattered
And buried their innocent dead
With freedom restored they all came together
Condemning this horrible foe
Who have nowhere to hide regardless of whether
They have a million places to go

September 11: To Our Friends in America

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: September 15, 2003
Awarded: September 15, 2003
The beauty of freedom is not scarred by time. It is not crippled by fire and tempest.

Like the sun shining through dark clouds its warm rays seek to maintain life, by encouraging the blossoms to bloom and fresh streams to run. Winter may come after the fall, but is always revived by spring which brings us the wonderment of summer, with its prosperity, hope and lasting peace. No sword can sever a sunbeam. Yet the sunbeam melts the snow and thaws the ice, brings new life. Freedom is a gift of love to all those on Earth who believe in peace and goodwill to all peoples of the world. In Australia, we extend our understanding to our American friends of their sorrow, while continuing to share with them this gift of freedom and peace that will ever live in our hearts and souls.

September 11: 2003

The ashes have been cleared away,
where the towers once in wind did sway,
above the streets great buildings grand,
that no longer in their glory stand…
Yet whispers seem in breeze to creep,
about the space left in the street,
As though the spirits of the slain,
still meet to talk of smoke and flame…
And where the shadows used to be,
in sunlight dwells their memory,
And in the minds of those who care,
who have true love in them to share,
For though in sadness we regret,
We never ever will forget.

September 12: Patriotism

We cannot keep that which we can’t defend
Nor defend it without the peoples’ will
On which our fighting soldiers must depend
To stand for freedom for which they must kill.
To turn the other cheek, we will not save face:
The terrorist knows nothing of such love.
We would die without dignity in disgrace;
Watch the plumage turn black upon the Dove.
Those who write in freedom, words of treason,
Those who promote the foe from our peace,
Those who claim America has no good reason,
For them some freedoms must be seen to cease!
In the city of New York where sweet Liberty stands
The people must meet the Nation’s grim demands

September 13: Symbols of Freedom

They lie in freedom’s sacrificial grave,
Victims of the evil in our time;
Unselfish, patriotic and brave,
All now wasted yet divine.
They are gone, suffering death's sting,
With gaiety still on their lips,
Like shattered feathers of a Golden wing,
Like sailors in wrecked ships.
Together they lived as they died,
Symbols of the united flag,
Filled with great love and pride,
Letting not freedom lag.
For, for it their lives were lost,
A terrible, terrible cost

September 14: Let Us Share Our Sorrow

Let us share our sorrow
Lest it turn to hate,
That on the new tomorrow
We rationally relate
With calm and deadly passion
Our will to fight this war
In whatever needed fashion
Is required to restore
The world to lasting peace
Where souls unite in love
Which ever will increase
The presence of the dove,
Beneath a single heaven
That shelters us above

September 15: Ode to the Pentagon

I can see the shroud which hangs around you,
I can smell the smoke that made you sad,
The flames have gone which blazed about you,
But the pain you suffer is so very bad.
Life goes on but those who suffer,
Bleed tears like rain upon your grieving soul,
The Pentagon where folks like you my brother,
Lost their lives their limbs their loving whole.
But we’ll build again the structures of your valour,
Each stone in memory of a man who died,
Restoring from the ashes of that hour,
A loving thought from each tear you cried.
God Bless thee all who serve sweet hope and thee,
In the Pentagon of the nation of the free

Let the world know off the fire at your centre,
Where shines the eye of humanity on this Earth,
Where grows the strength of prosperities adventure,
For in thy soul sweet freedom finds its birth.
No bomb can wipe away your power!
No evil force can sweep away your rule,
Before thy courage evil troops will cower,
For whom so tries destruction is a fool.
Yes even as the smoke clears in the morning,
And even as the fires do fade from night,
God’s people in their humble homes in mourning,
Are pledging to the Pentagon that they will fight.
And all those evil in the world are trembling,
For they face the power of God and American might.

September 16: Might Well the Storm

Might well a storm with gusts and tear,
throw trees and branches everywhere,
as would a bomb strip from the tree,
All that which gives delight to thee.
Yet storms are lost in their own wrath,
designing a self destructive path,
as would a fire which seeks ill fame,
Die from the heat of its own flame.
More oft when hate’s hot evil fire,
Doth furnace that which love desires,
‘Tis as the storm which at its peak,
Upon itself did havoc reek,
To leave still growing everywhere,
A firmer field of love and care.

September 17: Cost

And when and if our steeples fall,
to trigger the national trumpet call,
then to the death we will fight,
all through the day all though the night,
Until the foe hath met his end,
by unity of force and friend.
For evil is not for the few,
but for the many to undo
And no terror can defeat the bold,
who with love and freedom truth uphold.
Yet sacrifice of life and limb,
will be the cost defeating him,
Who in his heart knows only hate,
and is fearless of his final fate.

September 18: The Devil’s Soldiers

Is not a person sheltered from the rain
Likely to be at risk when it is wet;
As would a peoples never knowing pain
Suffer from its wrath with great regret?
Yet always, people rise above it all
For in their hearts and souls lives greater love
That none, so bound, can ever really fall
For never can the crow destroy the dove
The free shall rise above all hate and fear
Raise their flags, their cheers, and their hopes
The goal is known; their vengeance being clear
To seek the Devil’s soldiers far and near
And God will watch and see his children die
To wipe the vision from the Devil’s eye

September 19: The Flags Will Fly

Grey Towers lie crimson in the shattered street
Tombs for thousands who will never die
Across the sky their souls have formed the sheet
That flies half-staff where all our hopes do fly
But at ground zero a man stands strong and lean
To slowly raise the Stars and Stripes again
A man filled with an old American dream
That rises like a rose bud through the pain
Across the nation millions of flowers bloom
Pure roses from the persuasion of their tears
Resurrecting God from the wrath of doom
To renew once more their courage over fears
And all will glory in the coming fight…
Freedoms flags flown every day and night

September 20: The Souls of Freedom

They knew brief terror of untimely death
They had no time to think or to be brave
Thoughts of others died with their last breath
As great violence took them to a fiery grave
They came from every part of Gods fair Earth
To the monuments of freedom grace and trade
Where from the ashes there will be rebirth
And all the vanquished souls will be remade
For love will always rise to conquer hate
For clouds have never yet denied the blue
When the innocent die the Devil briefly great
Devours the poison of his own toxic brew
We will recall them in our minds and souls
As the world of freedom once again evolves

September 21: The Towers

When the tin bird hit, the Doves all flew away
And in the smoke the Devil’s face was seen;
Thousands died that God might have his way.
The myths of man, in one foul stroke, had been
The human spirit rose before our eyes
From in the debris smouldering in the street
For, from the dead, there are but silent cries
Demanding courage, this evil foe to meet.
God stood by and watched the Devil’s plane
Devour His children, who all trust in him.
‘Twas as the Jews who prayed as they were slain,
‘Tis now for humanity that we must sing the hymn
We’ll stand and fight this virus; this common foe
For all we have is one another you know

September 22: Unity

Let us turn our faces to the wind
March fourth against its blow
Scatter love on everything
Make peace where ere we go
Let us stand up and be counted now
Among the vibrant and the bold
Unite with a common brow
That freedom’s wings unfold
Across the world, let us hold hands
Look into each one’s eyes
With a basic truth that all Earth’s lands
See nothing they despise
Let humanity make its sacred mark
And bring new light to the ills of dark

September 23: What We Must Do

What can we do; we must respond in kind
To every evil place we must invade
Destroy the germ – everyone we find
That with their lives their evil debts are paid.
Fight fire with fire, no mercy can be shown;
Terror for terror, the horror of their fate.
Every evil insect found and known
Destroy their lives and so destroy their hate
From these vital deeds good folk must rue
Will come a united front for good and peace
For in our minds we must change our view
That to love our foe does not their terror cease
Let all free men across the world hold hands
And do the deed that freedom’s peace demands

September 24: Where Were You, Lord?

Were you there my Lord, were you there?
I did not see you Lord were you there?
You caught no brick Lord; you saved no fall
I did not see you there, nowhere at all
Why do I pray Lord why do I pray?
I did not see you Lord out there today
I saw folk trying Lord, with extended hand
But not you my Lord, where did you stand?
Where did you stand Lord, to watch the crime?
I saw no miracle, no scene divine.
I saw not you Lord, I saw not God
Just smoke and fire and people dead.
Were you there my Lord, were you there?
I did not see you Lord, not anywhere.

September 25: Invisible Towers

Two spectres; two invisible towers,
Two great grey translucent shadows,
Like Gods great arms filled with flowers,
Their souls, their hearts with fragrance gladdens
There forms a halo round New York City,
A binding circle made strong by love and hope,
That enduring courage lives in the eyes of pity,
Despite their mourning, they have learned to cope.
The memories now flood back and families weep,
Their thoughts go back but time it passes on,
For none can raise the dead from their sleep,
For like the sacred towers they are gone.
So they recall them in their thoughts and prayers,
And count them all here present every one.

September 26: Standing in the Sunlight

Hear our cries Lord, hear our weeping,
Keep us safe in the shadows creeping,
Warm our sad hearts restore our blossoms,
Let loose their souls from their dark coffins,
Give them wings Lord let them fly,
Let them not whither when they die,
Make them blue and white and crimson,
Spanning time for loves great reason,
For they who built such wondrous towers,
Stand in the sunlight proud and brave
While in the shadows, evil cowers,
Denied a tranquil heavenly grave,
And we who sorrow find new purpose,
For life is love, and that they gave.

September 27: Men Will Die

Men will die; men not yet twenty four
And some will not see twenty if they live
And some will lose a part of what they are
Some will have nothing left that they can give
You’ll see the thunder pale in their dark eyes
And wonder why one so young seems old
Some you’ll love and some you will despise
Some will be warm and some so very cold
They’ll all know fear and some will terror know
Some will die and some will wish they had
And some will be as callous as the foe
But most will be as your proud gentle dad
Left to live with a sickness in his heart
Medals on his chest that sets him apart

September 28: We Must Not

We must not be as them who filled with hate,
Stand threatening at our Nations open gate,
Poised to kill because we love our God,
Because freedom’s seeds we sow in our sod.
We must not hate them, as they view us with hate,
Yet we must kill them at our Nations gate,
For those wolves who venture in among our flocks,
Will destroy our freedom with a thousand locks.
And every neighbour forced to close his door,
Will add another victory to their score,
We must be cool, and calmly wage our war,
To rid the world of Satan’s hateful hoar…
And never ever close our Nations gate…
And lock it with the terrorist’s lock of hate.

September 29: Some Do…

Some do live who deserve to die,
Some do die who deserve to live,
And some do give to those who would deny;
And some do take from those who cannot give.
Some who walked with Christ wore battle swords,
(Though some were not as eager to do harm,)
As would soldiers that a grateful world applauds,
Stand defensive of the Monarch who they guard.
We stand, each man till death do we part,
Defensive of our families whom we love,
Made brave by the goodness in our hearts,
Made strong, by our Lord God up above.
But sometimes we must stand far off and cry;
Watch helplessly our friends and love ones die.

September 30: God Gave Us War

God gave us war; he made us as we are,
He drew the plan his son the guiding star.
Some Mothers safe, live with hopeful pain,
While, victims of war some see their children slain.
It matters not, how many soldiers die,
Nor how many people ask the reason why,
It’s natures plan or the plan of God,
To set the price for each plot of sod,
The fate of death is the price of birth,
The callous price for living on the Earth.
Men must fight for family and for pride,
For freedom won for those souls who have died;
Men must fight the terrorist and their hate,
Be it for some in this life far too late.