Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Tis always one alone who uses hate,
To express the cause which he cannot relate,
Of his distress that from a war is caused,
Returning to his homeland without applause.
It was his choice to serve and bare a gun,
To pledge to fight where ever it be done,
And those who chose to oppose it had the right,
As much as he was willing thus to fight.
In South Vietnam many troops were killed,
And a million hearts back home were horror filled
For those we said just hated us were right,
The war we went to wage was not our plight.
Yet though more Australian people shared our pride
We chose to quote the few who really lied.

~ 2 ~

Why do you graze, in a field of nettle and weed,
When there are meadows lush with better feed,
Each thought we choose, is as each word we say,
That by such method is defined our chosen way.
We can be sad if that becomes our choice,
And choose to bellow with an angry voice,
Blame the world when we roll down the slope,
Because we have no faith left in ourselves to cope.
Every person, by themselves does stand
Quite alone with firm or hollow hand,
And through their lives declare or bare their pain,
Though some do wallow in their choice to blame,
Other folk for the way they feel,
Until by effort their fantasies are real.

Prompted by the poem, “Every One Hates a Soldier” – ©Copyright 2003 by Phil Kadow