Colin F. Jones


There can only be sadness.
In death there’s no glee…
Prisoners in this dungeon,
Know they are not free.
It is a cosier emotion,
A self-serving aide…
Outlasting elation,
With only death can it fade.
I know you have been there,
I know where you are,
The depth of your care,
The inner eye looking far:
Tis the jewel of achievement
In the crown of the bard.

Do you not know there’s a hilltop,
Over which the poet must climb;
Beyond where most others stop,
Content with their rhyme.
Tis where no poet can go,
Lest ‘he’ leave behind joy,
Allowing sadness to grow,
Self elevation destroy.
For we delved in self-service,
When we sorrowed and lost
Seeing nothing beyond it,
Not knowing the cost.
But now you have reached it
At a terrible cost.

Prompted by the poem, “I Was A Poet Once…” – ©Copyright October 20, 2007 by Faye Sizemore