Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Right depends on power, to implement its truth,
For truth thus accepted, does not require proof.
A law made to profit the maker of the bill
Is still a law accepted, as is a law to maim and kill.
If you make it right to murder then murder must be right,
If daytime starts complaining then just turn it into night.
It is a foolish misconception that freedom made from law
Is a freedom based on truth; nor is freedom based on war.
You have the right to think and you have the right to swear,
So long as there’s no shrink or a Cleric standing there.
Everything you do can be changed to make it wrong;
Every line of your verses can be changed in your song.
In truth there is no freedom: it is not defined in the law,
That enables you to murder, so long as it’s done in war.

~ 2 ~

Freedom is a fallacy that is defined by oppressive law;
It is never won by argument and never won by war.
How can there be restrictions if a man is truly free,
He would require the greatest trust of the highest degree.
Ask the worker in the factory, the driver in the street,
The man who does not want to go to war a foe to meet.
Ask those demeaned as cowards who exercise the right,
To take up arms as soldiers or choose not to fight.
Yes freedom is a fallacy just another noble lie,
Providing a reason why we should go to war and die.
It is supported by the fallacy yes another one of fact,
That God condones our actions if we make it law to act,
As killers and good Warriors for that’s what we like to be,
But it has nothing whatsoever to do with being free.

~ 3 ~

The soldier who is a soldier because he wants to be,
Accepts that he’s a servant that he is never free,
He’s trained to kill the enemy; whoever are his foe,
In this he finds real freedom that only he can know.
For when the battle rages and it is one on one,
There are no laws and manacles, restrictions have all gone.
It is survival that he faces; death stares him in the eye,
The greatest truth a man can face is that he might die.
Oh Tis fanciful observance from the comfort of a chair,
To think you know what’s going on; to think that you are there,
But the truth is not assumption and it resides not in belief,
The truth is fact illusive; more illusive than a thief.
That’s why the combat soldier in truth is quite unique,
He does not need to say a word; indeed he need not speak.