Colin F. Jones


We can drink away our sorrows and blame it on the war,
Become depressed over death that we had never seen before,
But when a boy becomes a man, as from war we claim to be,
Then we know the cost of wallowing in the depths of misery.
Life ends not on the battlefield or in personal regret;
Life’s duties still exist though some choose to forget.
We must set good examples for those still yet to be,
Like the men we are claiming fought in war to keep them free.
We can weep like little children, take their courage away,
With some wonderful examples how their hero’s greet the day.
Or we can teach them what we know to give them greater skill,
To stand up tall like real men with responsibilities to fulfil,
For it is those who live who need us, not the soldiers lying dead,
Who did not die that we in sorrow should lifelong tears shed.