Colin F. Jones


I never think of yesterday
as better than today,
For that simply means we failed our kids
For they surely had no say,
In what tomorrow would be like,
Inherited from their sires,
Still pedalling backwards on a bike,
With worn out rag-type tiers.
What stands today was built by us,
The system we put in place,
So why do we so rant and fuss,
As we our own youth chase,
‘Tis only we ourselves we blame,
And our children we disgrace.

~ 2 ~

We are so righteous now we’re old,
With retrospective gain,
Blaming everything on our children
Much to our ignorant shame.
When I returned from Vietnam,
It was our fathers then who said,
Your war was just a little sham,
Not like the one in which we bled.
It seems to me we never learn,
That life gets better all the time,
When all our yesterdays we burn,
And tell our children they are fine.
For they are the product of ourselves,
It is through them our Sun doth shine.