Colin F. Jones


We needed courage as combat soldiers, overcoming shock and fear,
But we seem such hollow boulders when those we fought for, gather near.
Our duties don’t expire because we have returned home from war
Though some handicapped retire, feeling they cannot give much more.
We have a greater war to face up to, more battles yet to wage
For we must use our great experience to nurture love instead of rage.
If we can feel deep anguish and feel pain and suffer loss
Then we can turn it into fond concern for these new obstacles to cross.
There is no point in anger hurting those we most do like
For that is simply disrespect riding on a selfish bike.
If we cannot give help to others then we cannot help ourselves,
For it is no one else’s fault where the veteran soldier delves.
So come on you bold veterans who claim to be so strong,
Let us see you take the challenge up and return to where you belong.