Colin F. Jones


For one minute they all stood still,
A million troops with pride
Reviving brief the will
To honour those who died.
Yet still the graves grow larger
The white crosses multiply
The knight upon his charger
Preserves the battle cry.

The regiments still march
Across the peaceful plain
Eager yet to serve
To do it all again.
Christ rode on a Donkey
And Simpson did as well
For those who have a Monkey
To share their private hell

Today they live in plenty
The veterans who came home
Yet their hearts are empty
Their thoughts are not their own.
For what it really cost them,
You may not ever know,
For most cannot tell you,
As they watch their children grow.

Author’s Note: Most soldiers were pretty young when they went off to war. Those who went to Vietnam were no different. Many of them left behind a young wife or girlfriend – some found it hard to wait – others didn’t wait at all. A year was a long time. I guess many came home, not only to the critical cries of a hostile people, but also to the hopelessness of being alone.