Colin F. Jones


To the same God they both pray,
The enemy and the foe,
To keep foul death away,
When off to war they go

They do as God has said,
Obey the powers that be,
Though it might leave them dead,
And sometimes even free

For what do soldiers fight,
If it’s not for themselves,
Tis not for what is right,
For survival overwhelms.

God does not interfere,
Because he is not there,
He made this very clear,
Through the scriptures that we share

He leaves not God behind,
In what he thought was bliss,
God lives inside his mind,
Not lost with fleeting kiss.

To pray stops not the shell,
Nor does it calm the will,
To send the foe to hell,
To kill. To kill to kill!

God said he will return,
Which means He is not here;
Meanwhile we live and burn,
And lose those we hold dear.