Colin F. Jones


~ 1 ~

Colin F. Jones: Recruit Training 1966
Colin F. Jones: Recruit Training 1966
You do not know yet what you’re trained to do.
You have not felt the fear that grips your whole.
You do not know that you are one of few
Who has no heart, no passion, and no soul.
You have not killed yet, but you willing will!
All those things you are will fade and change
Into the haunted body you must fill.
With everything you fear as vile and strange
You’ll not remember what you used to be.
And those you loved, you’ll greet with frigid stare
And from this endless pain you won’t be free.
For you’ll but dream of bodies everywhere
And God won’t help you lest you find the man
Who you once were, before this war began.

~ 2 ~

We will change you from the boy you are,
Make you feel and act like you’re a man!
We’ll train you how to drink and breast the bar
And how to kill and maim the best you can
We’ll teach you how to use a host of guns,
Throw hand grenades and use a knife with skill,
Fill sandbags; spread barbed wire round the bunds
And we will hope you have the guts to kill.
You will shake as fear begins to climb
From your toes to claim your numbing head
That when the terror ebbs you are relined
With a cold, cold clammy evil there instead.
Tis then you are an instrument of doom
For in your heart love cannot find a room