Colin F. Jones


What do we call those people who oppose the things we do,
Who claim that war is wrong; the brave outstanding few?
What labels do we give them, these folk who stand for peace
Who want all folk to live in love that all hostilities do cease?
Those whom we do ridicule, put down, and demean
Because they have the courage to stand up and be seen.
Why is it that we do the things we claim to oppose
And from our civilian dresses change into army clothes?
Why do we not like people doing what we fear to do,
Exposing all the lies we’re told we know are never true?
Why is it that we make believe that what we do is right?
Is it not because we fear the power of other peoples might?
For we who go to war all know Tis only we who die,
While those at home just talk a lot do nothing – but still cry.